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About TradeSanta

What is TradeSanta?

Is TradeSanta a cryptocurrency exchange?

What is automated crypto trading?

What exchanges does the service support?

What is TradeSanta referral program?

Creating an account

How to register on TradeSanta?

How to recover password?

How many plans do you have and how do they differ?

What are the free plan restrictions?

How to purchase paid plan?

Which plan is right for me?

How long does it take to process the payment?

Start trading

Where to start cryptocurrency trading?

How to connect a cryptocurrency exchange?

How to create a new bot?

How to create API key and secret key on HitBTC?

How to deposit to HitBTC?

How to operate with orders on HitBTC?

How to create API key and secret key on Binance?

How to deposit to Binance?

Operating with orders on Bittrex

How to deposit to Bittrex?

Creating an API key on Bittrex

How to operate with orders on Bitfinex?

How to deposit to Bitfinex?

How to create API key and secret key on Bitfinex?

Telegram notifications

Setting up bots

Crypto bot’s parameters

After I turn on the bot does it start trading immediately?

What is a long strategy?

What is a short strategy?

How to set take profit?

What is extra order?

What is take profit?

What is Bollinger and how it works with TradeSanta bot?

What is martingale?

What settings are the best?

Managing bots(DCA)

What does turn off bot do?

What does freeze deal do?

What does cancel the deal do?

What does “Renew Take Profit” do?

What does “Reset Extra Orders” do?

I want the bot to finish current deal, but not start the new one. What should I do?

I want the crypto bot to stop placing new orders and cancel all orders on the exchange. What should I do?

What is Zero Level of Take Profit?

Grid and New DCA bots, Smart Order

What is the difference between Grid and DCA strategy?

Grid Bot: Strategy And Parameters Explained

DCA Bot: Strategy And Parameters Explained

What is Smart Order For?

What is the difference between DCA and New DCA strategy?

Trading basics

How to trade?

How much money do I need to start trading?

Will I make a profit? Are profits guaranteed?

Where can I find commission?

Do you take commission on orders?

Is there a minimum to start bots trading?

Trading analytics on TradeSanta

How to use Dashboard?

I see profit but my Bitcoin (BTC) balance goes down - how come?

Does the bot include exchange's fee in profit calculation?

Bot copying

What are exchange rates?

What are candlestick charts?

What is “top pair” section?

Most common crypto bot errors (DCA)

Most common crypto bot errors (Grid & New DCA)


Security tips

Are my funds secure?

How to protect your funds?

Phishing attacks

Anti-virus and trojan guideline

TradeSanta news and updates

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Do you have any social media accounts?

Do you have any blog?

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