Smart Order on TradeSanta

What is smart order?

Smart Order feature is designed to sell a specified amount of cryptocurrency at current price level splitted within a period of time. You need to choose a pair you’d like to trade and specify the amount. TradeSanta bot will take care of technical aspects placing orders and keeping them on top of the exchange's order book.

Smart Order feature is essential for those who need to buy or sell large amounts of crypto. The trading bot will split the desired amount to buy/sell into multiple orders executed at market price.

How to set up a smart order?

Choose a name to identify the Smart Order bot and select an access point you want to trade with.

Smart Order routing allows you to choose whether you want to sell or buy a certain amount of coins. Choose the cryptocurrency and how much you want to buy or sell. You will sell/buy exactly the amount you set no matter the price change.

Choose a coin you will be selling or buying for.

Optionally set a time frame for crypto bot to finish the deal. The smart order will be splitted into orders based on you parameters and placed every minute on the exchange.

The calculator below tells you of you have enough coins on your balance for smart order to complete, the current market price of the pair you’ve chosen and the approximate amount that will be bought/needed (depending on if you’re buying or selling). The amount may vary depending on the market since each order of Smart Order is placed at market price.

All is left to do is save and start the order.