Bring your crypto futures trading to the next level in less than 10 minutes

Simply connect your exchange, set up a bot, and let it work for you 24/7. Buy and sell crypto futures on top-exchanges, at the best times, night or day. Copy trading bots of experienced traders or set up your own.

Capitalize on trading crypto futures
Trade higher volumes with lower deposit
Trade with the leverage up to X200
Use different market conditions in your favor
Run a crypto futures bot on top exchanges Connect your TradeSanta account with your exchange via API keys and create your crypto bot instantly
DCA strategies Use DCA bot (Dollar Cost Averaging) to invest gradually over time to mitigate risk, or to make up for a loss making position. With the DCA strategy the bot buys extra on a loss making position, thus lowering the average price of the asset you are buying. This allows you to get the desirable profit with a less of a price bounce.
GRID Great for sideway markets grid bots will set a range of orders to buy the coin when the price drops and sell it when the price increases and reaches the set take profit level. Make continuous buy and sell orders to take profit even on the small market moves.
Long and short strategies Long and short strategies are for you if you want to earn in any market, whether it’s bullish or bearish. Start a long bot if you think the market will go up, start a short bot if you want to sell your contracts and buy them later at a lower price.
Numerous technical indicators and signals Make sure you enter the market at the best time by setting up custom TradingView start and stop signals, TradingView screener signals, trailing orders and technical analysis tools.
Copy the best strategies Don’t know which bot to set? No worries - you can copy successful bots of experienced traders. Browse our marketplace to see which bots are the most profitable and simply click “Copy bot”.

Automate futures trading in less than 10 minutes

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2. Connect to your
exchange account
3. Launch a bot and let it
work for you!
Set up futures trading bot


What is a futures trading bot?

A futures trading bot is a bot betting on the price trajectory of the cryptocurrency futures’ contracts, and it does so in line with your predetermined trading strategy. On TradeSanta, you can use DCA or Grid strategy to trade futures with bot. The crypto trading futures bot uses many tools, including signals, trailing orders, risk management tools and trades 24/7 for you so you can enjoy your life away from the screen.

How can I earn on trading futures?

Futures trading allows you to speculate on the future price of the crypto asset. You can either go long or go short, depending on where you think the price of the asset will go.

Do I have to own an underlying asset to trade crypto futures?

One of the most important benefits of futures trading is that you don’t have to own an asset in order to trade the trajectory of its price.

What settings are the best for a crypto futures bot?

There is no "best strategy" for automated cryptocurrency trading, it is not a money making machine. You may use one of the templates to start and adjust them according to your needs after. To get the best results you should conduct your own research and make your strategy, according to your trading volume, market situation, chosen cryptocurrency pair, etc.

Virtual currencies, including bitcoin, experience significant price volatility. Investors must be very cautious and monitor any investment that they make.