Custom TradingView signals on TradeSanta allow you to combine the benefits of automated trading and the flexibility and precision of TradingView indicators. Custom TradingView signals are available for the members of the Maximum Plan.

How to create TradeSanta bot with a custom TradingView signal?

1. Create a bot as usual and mark the option Custom TradingView signal in indicators.

2. You will see a message with a webhook URL and a unique message, copy and save it

3. Go to TradingView page now and open the chart of a trading pair you chose when setting up the bot. Open the Alerts section and create the conditions

4. After that is done, in the Alert actions choose webhook URL, and paste the URL you received when setting up the bot earlier. Please note that to use this option, you will need a TradingView subscription. In the message field, copy paste the message you received with webhook URL

5. Save the alert and turn on the bot. Once the bot receives the message, it will start the deal

Also please note that if you activate both custom TradingView signals and min/max order price and the bot will receive a signal before the price reaches the specified value then the bot will wait for it and then start the deal.