Trading Basics

How much money do I need to start trading?

There is a minimum amount which can be traded on each exchange, and it depends on the cryptocurrency exchange and the pair, an 11-dollar equivalent is usually enough for any pair.
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Will I make profit?

Everything depends on your skills and general understanding of what you are doing. The crypto trading bot is just a tool, so how you will use it and whether it will be profitable is up to you. No one can guarantee you anything, however the more you know about trading, the better chances you have to make profit.
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Do you take commission?

No, we use fixed-price plans. You can learn more about our plans here.

Is there a minimum to start trading with bots?

Every crypto exchange has a minimum value and if it’s not in place, the order won’t go through. The value depends on the exchange and the pair. If you use fixed value when setting up your first order, our crypto trading bot will insert the minimum value automatically.
You can check an example of min values on Binance right here.