How long does it take to process the payment?

It may take you from half an hour up to a day, to process the payment. A withdrawal marked as “completed” or “success” on a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet does not mean that the transaction has fully processed to the receiving exchange – it simply means that the transaction was successfully posted to the blockchain.

Once the transaction is on the blockchain, it will still take a variable amount of time to confirm and post to the destination exchange. Different blockchains require different amounts of “confirmations” before the transaction is verified.

It is not uncommon for a blockchain to be congested with many transactions, causing unexpected/unusual delays in processing your transaction. You may use the transaction ID (TxID), to follow the status on the blockchain. (For example,

If your transaction shows “unconfirmed” on its blockchain, this is beyond our control. You must wait for the transaction to be processed on the blockchain. Once it is included in the blockchain, it will begin to produce confirmations.

For Bitcoin and Bitcoin-based projects, your transaction should arrive on Binance by 2 confirmations. If you have sent funds, your transaction has been confirmed, but you still don’t see your money in the account, you can contact us via: