Start trading

Where to start cryptocurrency trading?

Start with using our wizard. It will help you make an access point and create your first crypto trading bot.
You can find the wizard here
Check out the bot’s documentation and our video guides. You’ll might find it really helpful

How to connect a cryptocurrency exchange?

  • Find the “Access points” section in your left menu, click on the “All accesses” suboption, to enter your access points list.
  • Click “Add Access”, to create a new access point.
  • On the next page, you will need to choose the exchange and fill in an API key and an API secret key.
To find more information, please visit this link.

How to create a new bot?

Click the “Create bot” button in the top left of the menu. There you can choose strategy, pair and bot settings.
Another way to create a new trading bot is to go to the “My bots” section in your left menu and click onto the trading strategy you want to trade with. Once you're inside the bot's list click on the “Create bot” button. Keep in mind that this button is available only if you have added an exchange.
In case you need more details, please watch this video or visit this link.

How to create API key and secret key on HitBTC?

  • Go to your settings
  • Enter the “API keys” tab
  • Click “New API key“
  • A new API is created. All you have to do is to mark Access Rights, copy and paste the API key and Secret keys to the fields.
Do NOT mark “Withdraw cryptocurrencies” as our bot shouldn’t have access to it.
For a more detailed version, please check the full article here.

How to create API key and secret key on Binance?

  • Log in your Binance account with a secure network system.
  • Choose "API Management".
  • Set up the corresponding API name and click "Create".
  • Enter your “Google authentication code” or “SMS authentication code”.
Once you pass the authentication, our system will send the confirmation mail to your registered email. Please, click "Confirm create" to confirm the new API creation.
You can also check out the tutorial and the full article, it may be helpful for you.

How to deposit to Binance?

In case you need help in depositing to Binance, then check out our guide here.