Trading analytics on TradeSanta

How to use Dashboard?

Dashboard is a place where you can keep track of all active crypto bots, trading results, balance and market dynamics, and latest news and announcements from the TradeSanta team.
For a practical guide to the TradeSanta dashboard please visit this page.

I see profit but my Bitcoin (BTC) balance goes down - how come?

The balance depends on the value of altcoins you're currently holding. The trading bot takes into account only a deal's profit, it doesn't count profit/loss caused by the change of your coins' price.
For more details, please check the full article.

Does the bot include exchange's fee in profit calculation?

Yes, the trading fee is taken into account when setting Take Profit order:

  • The take-profit value %;
  • An amount of extra orders executed;
  • A fee.
  • If it wasn't included, you would have a good chance to close your deal into the loss, because your profit would not cover the fee. For more information, please visit this page.