Trading Bot Errors

Cannot start trading. Try increasing the volume of First Order

Make sure the order size is larger than the minimum order on your cryptocurrency exchange.

Your balance on #account_exchange# is insufficient to place orders.

Make sure you have enough currency to cover all the orders (Quote currency (second currency of the pair) for the long strategy, base currency (first currency of the pair) for the short strategy).

Cannot connect to exchange (10). Please re-enter your exchange's API and secret keys again into access point settings.

If the problem persists, generate new API keys and create a new access point

Cannot place order, order size of 1 USDT is too small for BTC-USDT pair. Order size should be more than 11 USDT.

Make sure that the order size is higher than specified in the error message

Your exchange account is not available for trading. Please check your balance.

If the problem persists, try creating a new access point

Cannot find this order on the exchange.

The problem doesn’t require action from your side. If the problem persists, contact us in TradeSanta telegram community.