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paper trading 585x330 - Paper trading essentials
Crypto Trading 101

Paper trading essentials

What is paper trading and why do you want to give it a try before doing real-life trades? Here is an overview for beginners and those of you who are too afraid to give away their hard-earned cash. 

algo trading
Crypto Trading 101

What is algo trading?

In algorithmic trading, programs execute a set of instructions to place and execute orders. Based on price, time and volume, algorithms make the trading more systematic and are popular with crypto.

limiit 585x329 - Limit order explained
Crypto Trading 101

Limit order explained

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you have an account with at least one trading venue offering different order types. For example, on top of Binance, you can place a limit order, a market order or a stop-limit order.