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Oracles in Crypto by TradeSanta
Crypto Market Overview

What is an oracle in crypto?

Here’s a quick guide deconstructing the nature of blockchain oracles. From the article, you will learn what crypto oracles are and what they are needed for, how they work, and why it’s not easy to marry blockchains with the real world. Read on.

cardano 4 1 585x329 - How Cardano (ADA) works
Coins Analysis

How Cardano (ADA) works

Let’s take a look at Cardano (ADA) – the decentralized network often called a third generation cryptocurrency because it was developed in response to the challenges encountered in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

usdt btc 1 585x329 - BTC vs USDT As Quote Currency
Crypto Trading Strategies

BTC vs USDT As Quote Currency

Which is a better quote currency: Bitcoin or USDT? We’ve gathered a few expert opinions in an attempt to discuss what coin and under what circumstances you should go with! What is a quote currency in a pair? A quote currency in a trading pair…