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Exploring TradeSanta

New to TradeSanta? Explore our cloud software platform for automated trading with detailed reviews of strategies, settings, trading bots, tutorials and technical indicators. Get an idea of all the tools to launch your first crypto bot on TradeSanta.

Exploring TradeSanta

TradeSanta’s Development Progress

TradeSanta was launched nearly 6 months ago in November, 2018 and ever since we’ve been constantly improving our platform and developing new features restlessly. As promised, we will now report on a regular basis what has been accomplished in product development for the quarter and…

Exploring TradeSanta

Setting Up API Keys for Trading Bot on Bitfinex

TradeSanta is a user friendly platform that automates simple cryptocurrency trading strategies and currently supports four crypto exchanges (Binance, HitBTC, Bittrex and Bitfinex). TradeSanta platform is easy enough even for beginner traders. To configure your first crypto trading bot you need to connect your  crypto…