Our updates:


January 15

We have fully redesigned our website.


December 28

1. We decided to extend our free period. Introduction of paid plans will be announced 1 month prior to their launch.

2. If you trade USDC, PAX, TUSD or USDT on Binance, clicking on the pair in the bot’s settings will no longer cause an error.


December 24

1. We decided to stop supporting KuCoin exchange for now, we will revise this decision in several months.

2. Fixed a bug connected with wrong Take Profit volumes on HitBTC.


December 17

1. The calculator in the bot settings now has color indication in the Light mode too.

2. Fixed an issue with trading pairs displayed incorrectly after selecting a different exchange in the bot settings.

3. When you create a bot on Binance with PAX currency, there are no more duplicated trading pairs.


December 13

1. We have removed Poloniex from the list of supported exchanges for now, due to them locking accounts of TradeSanta users.

2. Fixed a bug with "Buy coins for comission" option, so now you can trade on Binance even if you don't have BNB on your account.

3. Fixed an issue with the USDT balance on HitBTC displaying incorrectly.


December 10

1. Before there was an inconvenience with how you entered first order on SHORT bots. Before you had to calculate an equivalent in base currency (i.e. first currency in the pair). Now you need to enter it in altcoins (i.e. second currency).

2. In your bot settings you will now see the amount needed if all orders are to be executed according to your settings.

3. The issue with Bitfinex is fixed, and you can now trade on Bitfinex.


December 6

Even if you get Error 8 now, it will not block your access to bot's settings. So if you see that your bot can't start the deal, you can delete it yourself.


December 4

Hot fix of bug connected with Binance API update.


November 30

We have fixed a problem with bots unable to start a deal on Binance.


November 26

1. Now you can always be fully informed of our latest updates with the News section on the Dashboard.

2. Fixed a bug where bots sometimes placed Extra orders in wrong currency.


November 22

1. Insurance orders are now called extra orders as we think it is a more accurate name.

2. When you set your pair or strategy (long/short), there is now a message indicating which currency you should have on your deposit.

3. After turning on the bot you will be informed if due to your settings it may take some time for the bot to launch a deal.

4. Fixed a bug where requesting your balance from Binance gave you incorrectly displayed information.

5. If Error 8 occurs, it will no longer block your interaction with the website. We have also fixed part of the reasons that cause this error and we’re fixing the rest.


November 14

1. We have added the templates for long and short strategies to help new traders.

2. For now we removed "Sell the entire coin balance" option in bot settings as it was only confusing to most of the users and was not allowing to calculate bot profits correctly.

3. Improved the design of main page.


November 8

In case you have any questions, our new Tutorials can be found on the Documentation page.


November 5

We have added helpful notifications to guide you through the creation of your bot.


November 2

1. New design for all of the Account pages.

2. There is now a support chat on our main page.

3. We have also added the Night mode, which can be activated if you press on your profile icon.

4. Fixed a bug with quotations of several pairs from HitBTC.

5. Fixed a bug where the graph of your total balance displayed incorrectly.


October 31

1. Fixed a bug where sorting the exchanges on the Access points page worked incorrectly.

2. Fixed a problem with displaying balance on HitBTC on the Dashboard.


October 29

There is now a message describing bot’s status on the Bot page.


October 25

HitBTC is now available for TradeSanta bots.


October 22

We have added the wizard to help you easily connect the exchange, set up a bot and start trading.


October 19

We have fully reworked our Dashboard to be more informative and user-friendly.