Our updates:


April 30

1. Last week was dedicated to our new feature which allows to buy or sell large amounts of crypto without spiking or dropping a price. This feature is called Smart Order, for now it's available only for Binance traders.

2. We continue to work on bug fixes and iOS app which is close to its release.


April 24

1. Only pairs containing currencies that you have on your deposit are now displayed in the bot settings.

2. You can now see the minimal required value of the FO and EO volumes when creating a bot.

3. FO and EO volumes are now set as a fixed value by default to make it less complicated for new traders.

4. Fixed the bug in short bot connected to incorrect display of extra orders in the chart.

5. iOS app is ready for internal testing, we are close to launching it in App Store.


April 15

1. Modifications of the API for TradeSanta app.

2. Upgrades of the Smart Order feature, which allows to buy or sell large amounts of crypto at certain price level (currently in alpha testing).

3. Minor backend bug fixes.


April 12

1. You can now see your balance immediately after creating an access point.

2. Fixed naming of access points to better distinguish several accesses on the same exchange.

3. Minor updates to bot in alpha interface and backend.


April 5

1. Now it is possible to trade with smaller number of extra orders than before.

2. We have removed the 2% limit when choosing first order and extra order volumes as a percentage of deposit.

3. Fixed Error 8 which appeared after clicking on a currency pair in Top pairs and Deals.

4. We have changed error descriptions for you to make it easier to understand what went wrong.


March 28

Launched a new feature in alpha testing which is called Smart Order. It allows to buy or sell large amounts of crypto at certain price level by splitting 1 order into several parts and keeping them on top of the order book.


March 22

1. Fixed a bug with creating an access point through wizard.

2. Removed excessive zeros from the chart in the bot's details.

3. Added Starting and Stopping statuses to the bot in alpha.


March 15

1. Prices and volumes in dashboard, bot details, deals, results and bots activity pages no longer contain excessive zeros.

2. Fixed a bug with BCHABC balance containing too many decimals.

3. Modifications of the API for TradeSanta app.


March 7

1. All executed orders of the deal are now displayed on the price chart in the bot page.

2. Bot in alpha: fixed a bug when the values of price and volume displayed incorrectly.


February 28

1. Bollinger signal is no longer active by default as it was confusing for new users

2. When creating an access point, you don't need to fill in a title and max count of active crypto bots (now it is 100 by default but can be changed in the settings)

Also few improvements of the bot in alpha:

1. Total volume in the bot's statistics is now displayed in the qoute currency

2. We have added first order and extra order fields in the cryptocurrency bot's details

3. It is no longer possible to change bot's settings after start

4. Max order price is now added to the crypto trading bot's settings


February 22

We have added a two-factor authentication and further increased the overall level of website security.


February 15

We made several changes to the new crypto bot in alpha testing:

1. You can now see current rate of the trading pair when creating the bot

2. Bot's settings are now displayed in the quote currency

3. Added detailed parameters to the bot page

4. Take profit orders and extra orders are calculated based on the actual price of first order execution.


February 6

We've launched a blog where you'll be able to read about cryptocurrency market trends, trading basics, TradeSanta news and other interesting stuff.


February 1

We upgraded new crypto trading bot in alpha testing: added calculator for estimating traded volume for the bot, added tips to bot creation fields, improved bot's logic.


January 23

1. We have changed the design of personal account to fit our new website design.

2. We made several upgrades to bot in alpha testing based on our users feedback: upgraded page with cryptocurrency bot's progress, simplified the process of adding new users to this bot.

3. Ran code re-factoring.


January 15

1. We have fully redesigned our website.

2. We have launched a new trading bot strategy in alpha testing.


December 28

1. We decided to extend our free period. Introduction of paid plans will be announced 1 month prior to their launch.

2. If you trade USDC, PAX, TUSD or USDT on Binance, clicking on the pair in the bot’s settings will no longer cause an error.


December 24

1. We decided to stop supporting KuCoin exchange for now, we will revise this decision in several months.

2. Fixed a bug connected with wrong Take Profit volumes on HitBTC.


December 17

1. The calculator in the crypto bot settings now has color indication in the Light mode too.

2. Fixed an issue with trading pairs displayed incorrectly after selecting a different exchange in the bot settings.

3. When you create a bot on Binance with PAX currency, there are no more duplicated trading pairs.


December 13

1. We have removed Poloniex from the list of supported exchanges for now, due to them locking accounts of TradeSanta users.

2. Fixed a bug with "Buy coins for commission" option, so now you can trade with crypto bots on Binance exchange even if you don't have BNB on your account.

3. Fixed an issue with the USDT balance on HitBTC displaying incorrectly.


December 10

1. Before there was an inconvenience with how you entered first order on SHORT bots. Before you had to calculate an equivalent in base currency (i.e. first currency in the pair). Now you need to enter it in altcoins (i.e. base currency).

2. In your crypto bot settings you will now see the amount needed if all orders are to be executed according to your settings.

3. The issue with Bitfinex is fixed, and you can now set up bots to trade on Bitfinex exchange.


December 6

Even if you get Error 8 now, it will not block your access to bot's settings. So if you see that your cryptocurrency bot can't start the deal, you can delete it yourself.


December 4

Hotfix of bug connected with Binance API update.


November 30

We have fixed a problem with trading bots unable to start a deal on Binance.


November 26

1. Now you can always be fully informed of our latest updates with the News section on the Dashboard.

2. Fixed a bug where bots sometimes placed Extra orders in wrong currency.


November 22

1. Insurance orders are now called extra orders as we think it is a more accurate name.

2. When you set your pair or strategy (long/short), there is now a message indicating which currency you should have on your deposit.

3. After turning on the crypto trading bot you will be informed if due to your settings it may take some time for the bot to launch a deal.

4. Fixed a bug where requesting your balance from Binance gave you incorrectly displayed information.

5. If Error 8 occurs, it will no longer block your interaction with the website. We have also fixed part of the reasons that cause this error and we’re fixing the rest.


November 14

1. We have added the templates for long and short strategies to help new traders.

2. For now we removed "Sell the entire coin balance" option in bot settings as it was only confusing to most of the users and was not allowing to calculate bot profits correctly.

3. Improved the design of main page.


November 8

In case you have any questions, our new trading bots tutorials can be found on the Documentation page.


November 5

We have added helpful notifications to guide you through the creation of your cryptocurrency bot.


November 2

1. New design for all of the Account pages.

2. There is now a support chat on our main page.

3. We have also added the Night mode, which can be activated if you press on your profile icon.

4. Fixed a bug with quotations of several pairs from HitBTC.

5. Fixed a bug where the graph of your total balance displayed incorrectly.


October 31

1. Fixed a bug where sorting the cryptocurrency exchanges on the Access points page worked incorrectly.

2. Fixed a problem with displaying balance on HitBTC on the Dashboard.


October 29

There is now a message describing bot’s status on the Bot page.


October 25

Tradesanta cryptocurrency trading bots are now available for HitBTC.


October 22

We have added the wizard to help you easily connect the exchange, set up a crypto bot and start trading.


October 19

We have fully reworked our Dashboard to be more informative and user-friendly.