Our updates:

March 13

1. Now, you can filter which notifications from the bots you'd like to receive in the notifications settings.

2. We have added a new status displayed on the bot page when an active bot waits for a signal to start a deal.

3. We have added additional instructions when connecting Binance/Binance Futures/Binance US regarding IP lists.

4. Added additional tooltips on several pages to make it easier for new traders to learn the interface.

5. Fixed a bug when bot's creation time displayed without selected timezone.

6. Fixed a bug with displaying the TradingView graph for Binance US.

February 2

1. From now on you will see a list of IPs when creating an access point for Binance, Binance Futures and Binance US. If you already have access points for these exchanges you can find the list on the access point page.

2. Fixed a bug when the fee on Bybit sometimes was not calculated correctly for partial order execution.

3. Fixed a bug when the bot sometimes placed orders with bigger volumes after partial order execution.

4. Minor interface improvements.

January 18

1. Editing the access point name is now available again.

2. We have separated spot and futures exchanges when creating an access point to make it easier to find.

3. Minor interface improvements.

December 2

1. Now you can see the bot's profit graph on the bot page.

2. The passphrase field is now optional to fill in when creating an access point.

3. Fixed a bug when the bot created without a subscription plan could not be edited.

4. Minor interface improvements.

November 18

1. XGo exchange is now available on TradeSanta.

2. From now on, new trading pairs will be available on TradeSanta on the same day they appear on the exchange.

3. Minor visual improvements.

November 8

1. Now you can sign up via Apple ID.

2. Technical improvements of the onboarding and subscription pages.

3. Minor visual fixes in onboarding and marketplace.

October 22

1. One trading bot is now available on the free plan.

2. Now you can use coin filter for the bots in the marketplace.

3. Now it is possible to use promocodes when purchasing a plan.

4. Fixed a bug when TradingView rating and timeframe displayed when activating custom TradingView signals.

5. Fixed a bug when the "Start deal if..." option was enabled when activating start and stop custom TradingView signals.

6. Fixed an error text when editing access point.

7. Fixed a bug with field validation for some exchanges in the trading terminal.

October 7

1. We have redesigned the profitability graphs in the marketplace bot page to make them more informative and clear.

2. Added a new email confirmation message to make it easier for new users.

3. Fixed marketplace cards in the new wizard on some resolutions.

September 22

1. Now you can filter bots in the bots lists by one coin of the trading pair.

2. Futures grid bots can now be created in the wizard.

3. From now on, if your paid subscription ends, you'll still be able to use our trading terminal.

4. Fixed a bug when the exchange balance sometimes displayed as 0.

5. Fixed a bug when minimum order volume sometimes wasn't available when copying a bot.

6. Fixed a bug with custom bot names not saving when creating a bot.

7. Fixed a bug with profitability graph in the marketplace when using night mode.

8. Calculator in the new onboarding now works correctly with futures short bots.

September 1

1. Kraken futures are now available on TradeSanta.

2. All banners are now hidden during the onboarding.

3. Now you won't be redirected to the onboarding when clicking on the "Create bot" button in the menu.

August 12

1. Fixed a bug when bots could not continue trading after getting the "Invalid API key" error.

2. You will now see the "Start deal if" setting on the Grid bot page when activating multiple start signals.

3. Fixed a bug where user's input was not validated in some fields when creating a Grid futures bot.

4. For better user experience, we have fixed the top bar so it stays visible while scrolling.

5. Now, you will see a pop-up notification if you are unable to create a bot because of your plan limitations or inactive 2FA in the new onboarding.

6. Fixed a bug when a bot couldn't be created after switching Martingale on and off in the new onboarding.

August 1

1. Grid bots are now available for futures trading.

2. You can now see when you created the bot. See settings in the bot page for that.

3. Now you will be able to see your subscription status in the top menu bar.

July 14

We have redesigned our onboarding to make it easier for new users.

June 29

1. Now you can trade on FTX (spot and futures) and Kraken (spot) with TradeSanta.

2. Fixed several bugs that caused the bots to freeze in the 'stopping' state.

3. Fixed a bug when bots did not start a deal via a custom TV signal if it was combined with Bollinger bands.

4. Fixed a bug with filters in the marketplace.

June 3

1. Now you can set your time zone in the account settings.

2. Now you can sort robots in the marketplace by their profitability, age or number of copies.

3. The "Continue trading after stop" option is now on by default when activating stop loss or custom stop signals.

4. Added tooltips to the bulk edit form.

5. Fixed a bug with incorrect values of order volume displayed in the marketplace for some bots.

6. Fixed a bug when copied bots had their names reset.

7. Fixed a bug with some of the trading pair links in the dashboard.

8. Minor interface improvements.

May 19

1. Now you can combine several start signals choosing whether you want the bot to start only once all of the signals take place or any one of them. This feature is available to a part of our traders and will be available to everyone during the next week.

2. Now you can filter marketplace bots by their type (DCA or Grid).

3. Fixed a bug when realized PnL was not calculated correctly in some cases with partial order execution.

May 5

1. We have added a new feature — Continue trading after stop, which is available when activating stop loss or custom TradingView stop signals. Bots with this option will not turn off after stop loss or a stop signal and will start the next cycle instead. We are releasing this feature gradually, and for now, it is available only to a part of our users. Our plan is to make it available for everyone during the next couple weeks.

2. Fixed a bug when the TradingView screener signal could not be activated when creating futures bots.

3. Added animations for short strategy in the wizard.

April 22

1. Fixed a bug when the Telegram bot didn't send notifications on insufficient funds in some cases.

2. Fixed bugs that resulted in bots getting stuck.

3. Fixed a bug when take profit order didn't change after an extra order executed partially.

4. Fixed a bug when Grid bots got stuck as a result of restarting after partial order execution.

5. Fixed a bug when deleted bots could place orders in some cases.

6. Fixed a bug when Grid bots sent wrong notifications about nonexistent losses after partial order executions.

7. Fixed a bug when bots on Houbi placed an additional extra order after restarting.

April 12

1. Now you can trade USDT perpetual contracts on Bybit. Please note, that to do so, you will need a separate access point and the Maximum plan.

2. Fixed a bug with the volume field when editing futures bots.

3. Fixed a bug with the empty page when editing futures bots from the marketplace.

4. Fixed a bug when bots sometimes placed a market order instead of a limit order to close the position.

5. Fixed a bug with the trading pair graph not appearing when creating OKEx bots.

March 25

1. Now you can edit futures bots in bulk.

2. To make it more comfortable for you, now when you create a futures bot, you input how much of your own funds you want to use in order, and once you set leverage you will see the total order volume.

3. Fixed a bug with a calculator on the marketplace: now it counts extra orders in when calculating funds needed for the bot.

4. Now you can select multiple exchanges when filtering the bots in the marketplace.

5. Fixed a bug when robots with trailing take profit sometimes placed additional extra orders.

6. Fixed bugs that sometimes resulted in bots getting stuck.

7. Fixed a bug when orders in the terminal sometimes could not be placed.

8. Fixed a bug when DCA bots skipped one extra order if it was canceled manually on the exchange.

March 10

1. We have added a Marketplace — a new section where you can see and copy top-performing bots. For now, all bots here are free. Within couple of months we will also add an option for our traders to monetize their strategies as well.

2. TradeSanta is now available in French.

February 28

1. Bybit spot trading is now available on TradeSanta.

2. Now you can use trailing take profit on futures bots.

3. Fixed a bug when stopping futures bot in the list didn't initiate closing its position.

4. Fixed a bug when bots sometimes kept on sending notifications even after stopping.

January 26

1. You will now see top trading pairs when creating the bot. We hope this could be a handy tool for you when deciding what be might worth trading.

2. Fixed the glitches in log in page where you had to do it couple times before succeeding.

3. Fixed a bug with realized PnL metric wrongfully displaying a negative value in some cases.

4. Fixed a bug with bots getting stuck in some cases of partial order execution.

December 7

Now you can purchase a plan not only with crypto but with fiat using your bank card. All card payments will be executed through our payment provider, Paddle. When paying with a card, a sales tax depending on your country will be added to the price.

November 25

1. Now you can use TradingView signals on Binance Futures.

2. The last cycle option is now available on futures bots.

3. Now you don't need to manually select an access point when creating a bot. If you have several access points, the last one created will be selected by default.

4. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused displaying of inadequately big profit or loss.

5. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused displaying of wrong volumes in the active orders table.

6. Fixed a bug with copying bots with 0 extra orders.

November 11

1. Now you can use custom TradingView signals in futures bots.

2. Now you can use trailing stop loss in futures bots.

3. Now you can contact our support via chat in your account by clicking on the icon in the right bottom corner.

4. Fixed a bug with exchange balances not refreshing after using the "Sell to USDT/BTC" option.

October 18

1. Now you can use custom TradingView signals to stop the bot or turn on the "last cycle" option.

2. Fixed a bug where the "Not enough funds" notification for short bots didn't contain the required base currency volume.

September 28

1. Now you have an option to quickly convert all your coins to USDT or BTC in one click from the access point page. Please note, that when you initiate this, all the bots will be stopped and their positions closed.

2. Old bots are no longer available.

August 24

1. Now you can edit futures bots.

2. Added notification about expiring trading permission on Binance API keys.

3. Fixed a bug when Binance Futures access point could not be created in wizard.

August 10

1. Now you can use the "Max number of cycles" option in the Grid bots.

2. We now support OKEX v5 API keys so the traders can connect OKEX to TradeSanta again.

3. Fixed a bug with trading pairs with USDT on HitBTC.

July 28

1. Custom TradingView signals are now available on the Maximum plan. You can set up an alert in your TradingView account and connect it to your bot via a webhook to start a deal.

2. Fixed a bug when editing order volume didn't work correctly.

3. The amount of USDT (TRC20) coins you need to send now displays correctly when topping up the TradeSanta balance.

July 22

We have changed the available options to top up the TradeSanta balance. LTC is no longer available, and instead of TRX, there is now USDT (TRC20) which has the same fees.

July 9

1. Now you can edit your bots in bulk.

2. Coinbase Pro is now available for trading.

3. Fixed a bug with minimal order volume on Binance Futures.

June 24

Added TradingView signals for Binance, Huobi and HitBTC which are based on the TradingView crypto screener.

June 8

Now it is possible to buy TradeSanta subscription with BUSD (ERC-20) and USDC (ERC-20).

May 31

Now it is possible to select multiple bots in the bot list and start, stop, delete and turn on/off last cycle in bulk.

May 21

1. We have fixed virtual trading, it is available again for all our users.

2. Fixed a bug with the menu on the Statistics page.

3. Fixed a bug where web notifications remained active after turning them off.

4. Fixed a bug where unrealized PnL didn't change to 0 at the end of the cycle.

May 6

1. We have added various filters to the bots lists.

2. Fixed a bug where balance sometimes was incorrectly shown as 0.

3. Fixed a bug with text color in Profit dynamics.

4. Fixed a bug with order volume ticker in short futures bot's details.

April 30

1. Now you can use TRX and LTC to pay for subscription.

2. Stop loss is now available for the futures bots.

April 23

1. Added sorting and search to the bots lists.

2. Fixed a bug where Telegram notifications sometimes could not be activated.

3. Fixed a bug with incorrect hint on order volume on the bot creation page.

4. Fixed a broken layout during loading of the dashboard.

5. Access point selection is now hidden in profit dynamics.

April 9

1. Now you can choose access points which balance you'd like to track in the dashboard.

2. The Settings page was redesigned to be more functional and clear.

3. You can now access the Referral program page from the menu.

4. We have added a fast scroll to the pages with bot lists.

5. Fixed a bug where bots on BinanceUS sometimes didn't start trading.

6. UI improvements.

April 1

1. We have added a Last Cycle option. When turned on, the bot finishes the current cycle and stops.

2. Fixed a bug where bots sometimes didn't place orders.

3. Visual improvements.

March 19

Fixed a problem with creating new bots.

March 12

1. Added currency to the Price field in trade history.

2. Visual clarity improvements.

March 5

Fixed a bug that sometimes occurred with Min/Max order price.

February 26

Website speed improvements.

February 4

Fixed a bug with an "Unknown Server Error" banner.

January 29

1. Fixed a bug with the pagination of the trade history on the bot page.

2. Fixed a bug with the take profit price not displayed in the dashboard and bot list.

January 26

Rolled out the DCA bot for Binance Futures in Alpha only for the traders with the Maximum subscription.

January 25

We have updated our mobile app. Daily profit, today's profit and balance in the dashboard are now displayed correctly.

December 23

Fixed a bug with minimum order size calculation in the DCA new bots.

December 9

1. Fixed a bug when DCA new bots stuck during force close if there were not enough funds on the exchange.

2. Fixed the text in error messages from the DCA and Grid bots with the short strategy.

December 3

Added the Statistics page with stats and top-performing bots for the last weeks, which is available for traders with Advanced and Maximum subscriptions.

November 16

Added indication of trailing take profit to the bot details page.

November 11

1. The bot list now updates every minute.

2. Fixed a bug with incorrect order timestamps in the bot details.

3. Inactive bots now have grey unrealized PnL.

October 30

Trailing take profit is now available on new DCA bots for users with the Advanced and Maximum plans.

October 27

Fixed a bug with bot statuses changing to off during maintenances.

October 21

We have updated all of the account pages to make them faster.

September 30

1. Improved performance of the DCA and Grid bot pages. Information about orders is now updating every 10 seconds.

2. Adjusted the minimum required volume of FO and EO to fix a bug with pairs with a big lot size.

3. Security and performance improvements.

September 18

1. BinanceUS is now available for trading.

2. We have optimized the speed of the Dashboard.

3. Fixed a bug with OKEx where a position in the bot details was displayed in quote currency instead of the base currency.

August 31

1. Fixed a bug with calculation of realized PnL.

2. Backend bug fixes.

August 10

Editing is now available for new DCA and Grid bots.

August 6

We have introduced the Advanced paid plan with a limit of 99 bots.

August 3

1. Fixed a bug with a graph of BTC-USDT in the virtual trading.

2. Several backend bug fixes.

3. Stability improvements.

July 23

1. TradeSanta is now available in Russian.

2. Site speed and performance improvements.

July 15

1. Now you can copy DCA new and Grid bots.

2. Several bug fixes in the trading terminal.

3. Page speed optimization.

4. Fixed a bug with AMP pages.

July 9

Fixed an error in the old DCA list.

July 8

1. Fixed the issue with profit calculation, so the total profit in Dashboard is now correct.

2. You can now restart the bot immediately after force close execution.

June 26

1. We have added Telegram and web notifications for Grid, DCA new and Smart order bots.

2. You can now restart bots after executing stop loss or force close.

June 23

All trading pairs from OKEx are now available on TradeSanta.

June 18

1. Losses from Stop Loss and Force Close are now calculated in Realized PnL in the dashboard.

2. Site speed and performance improvements.

June 10

1. Fixed a bug where executed orders of new DCA and Grid bots sometimes did not display in the bot page.

2. Fixed a bug in the mobile app where bots had a step of extra order = 0 regardless of the setting.

3. Several performance improvements.

June 1

1. Profit from virtual trading is now excluded from the main dashboard.

2. Several performance improvements.

3. Profit from new DCA bots now displays in the dashboard.

4. Fixed a visual bug with order volume in new DCA bots with a short strategy.

May 28

1. We have added a trailing stop loss.

2. The basic stop loss setting was changed to make it more convenient. Now it works based on a price drop instead of unrealized profit.

May 21

1. Virtual trading is now available on TradeSanta. You can use a virtual balance to test a strategy without risking your funds.

2. You can now authorize in TradeSanta app on Android via Google and Facebook.

3. Fixed a visual bug where order volume displayed instead of a step of extra order in the grid bot settings. 

April 21

1. Monthly trading volume is now limited to $3000 for users on the free plan.

2. From now on, you'll be notified about your current number of bots when trying to create bots above your plan's limit.

3. Now you will be notified if you don't have enough currency for a bot to place an order.

4. You can now receive notifications about your subscription ending via Telegram bot.

5. Fixed a bug where realized profit of the new DCA bots was not displayed if unrealized profit/loss was 0.

6. Minor interface improvements of the trading terminal.

March 31

1. We have redesigned the bot page to improve user experience.

2. Fixed a bug with canceled orders in the trading terminal.

3. Fixed a bug with new DCA bot information not updating in Dashboard.

4. Fixed a visual bug with technical indicators in the new DCA bot page.

5. Fixed a bug with exponential values of volume in the trading terminal.

March 25

1. You can now stop a bot and sell coins from the new DCA or Grid bot lists.

2. Stats in the new DCA bot page now update without refreshing the page.

3. Search functionality for pairs is now added to the trading terminal and smart order.

4. You can now see a minimum volume in the trading terminal.

5. Fixed a bug with a wrong volume displayed in the trading terminal.

6. Fixed the "Invalid date" bug in the trading terminal when using Safari.

March 16

1. We have added a trading terminal, so you can manually place orders on your exchange without leaving TradeSanta.

2. You can now see take profit orders on the TradingView graph in the new DCA and Grid bot's pages.

3. We have made stop loss setting more user friendly.

4. TradingView graph for UpBit is now hidden due to TW not supporting the Korean exchange.

March 2

1. RSI is now available in Grid and new DCA bots.

2. You can now pay for TradeSanta subscription in USDT20.

3. We have added some Telegram notifications (force close and stop loss execution) in Grid and new DCA bots.

4. Fixed a bug with a minimal volume for some of the trading pairs on Bittrex.

5. Fixed a bug with few service emails.

February 25

1. MACD is now available in Grid and new DCA bots.

2. TradingView graphs were added to the bot page.

3. We have added AMP pages for a better mobile experience.

4. Fixed a bug when too low values of Stop loss may not work correctly.

February 18

1. We have translated TradeSanta into Spanish and Japanese.

2. Upgraded TradeSanta API as the first step of renewing our mobile app.

3. Fixed a bug with pulling a balance when connection with Binance is unstable.

February 12

1. Added an empty dashboard view with graphs illustrating DCA and grid bots strategy.

2. Fixed a bug with a DCA bot on Bitfinex.

3. Fixed a bug with exponential values on the graph in the grid bot's page.

February 7

1. Fixed a bug with password resetting in the app.

2. Payment ID info is now displayed when you top up your HitBTC account via TradeSanta.

January 30

Fixed a bug with grid bots not displaying in Dashboard.

January 27

1. Grid bot's page, and grid bots list were refactored to improve the codebase.

2. Fixed a bug with notifications in the grid bots list.

January 21

1. The calculator was added to the wizard for you to see the balance needed for the bot to run.

2. When you top up a HitBTC account through TradeSanta the funds will be automatically deposited to your trading balance on HitBTC.

3. Fixed Error#8, which sometimes occurred in the old DCA bots list.

4. In the grid bot creation page, now the right tickers are shown in the order volume field.

December 30

Users who created HitBTC account directly from TradeSanta can now top up their HitBTC balance using QR code.

December 27

1. It is now possible to create short strategy bots using the Wizard.

2. Fixed a bug with a graph for Grid bot trading on Upbit.

December 23

We have introduced discounts for users who are purchasing plans for 3 months and longer.

December 18

1. We have increased the limit of Grid, DCA new or Smart order bots per one API key from 10 to 50 bots.

2. Timestamps of active orders in Grid bot now display correctly.

3. Fixed a bug with account confirmation emails.

December 10

1. The short strategy is now available for DCA new bots.

2. Fixed a bug with deleting Grid, Smart order and DCA new bots.

3. Fixed a bug connected to signing up with Google and Facebook on the Korean version of TradeSanta.

December 6

We have launched Portuguese and Turkish versions of TradeSanta.

December 5

1. We are making it easier for you to connect TradeSanta to your exchange account. Now you can create an account on HitBTC directly from TradeSanta in the bot creation wizard.

2. You can now see your daily profits in Dashboard.

3. Bollinger is now available in Grid bots with a short strategy.

4. Fixed a bug with displaying a number of extra orders when creating DCA new bot.

November 29

1. The short strategy is now available for Grid bots. 

2. You can now see unsold volume in the Grid bots list. 

3. Fixed a bug with displaying low values in PnL.

4. Fixed several bugs with stuck orders on HitBTC. 

5. Fixed a bug with the XRP balance on HitBTC.

6. Minor bug fixes in Wizard. 

November 21

1. Grid bot’s realized PnL is now shown only at the end of the cycle.

2. Fixed a bug with Grid bot’s first order price.

November 13

1. From now own free plan will include the possibility of running only 2, not 5 bots.

2. Now all plans are going to include Grid bots, DCA new and Smart order bots (before only DCA bots were calculated into plan limit).

3. Fixed a few bugs with the new wizard.

November 6

1. Huobi is added to the list of supported exchanges.

2. Fixed bugs connected with trading on UPbit.

November 1

1. The new DCA and Grid bots were added to Wizard.

2. Wizard was redesigned to make it less complicated for new traders.

3. You can now see the new DCA bots in Dashboard.

4. Fixed a bug with bulk editing of DCA bots.

October 25

1. We have launched Korean version of TradeSanta.

2. Upbit is added to the pool of supported exchanges.

3. Stop loss feature was added to the new DCA bot.

October 23

1. The new version of DCA bot was launched in alpha.

2. All trading pairs from Binance were added to the new DCA and Grid bots.

October 18

1. You can now purchase TradeSanta’s subscription plans via ETH or USDT in addition to BTC.

2. Now you’ll get a notification if Grid bot’s stop loss was activated.

October 11

1. We have added stop loss feature to Grid bot.

2. Realized profit&loss now shows data for the current cycle, and not for bot's lifetime. In realized profit you will see accumulated data for bot's lifetime.

3. Realized profit in Dashboard now includes both DCA and Grid bots.

4. We have changed the algorithm, so now unrealized and realized profit in Grid bot’s page will refresh more often.

5. Fixed a bug with displaying small numbers of realized profit.

October 4

1. Grid bot is now in beta and we have started to roll it out to a wider range of traders.

2. To give you essential information about trading process we have added Realized Profit and Loss to grid bot pages and grid bots list.

3. Fixed an issue with pagination in grid bots list.

4. Fixed a bug where dates of grid bot's previous orders were changing constantly.

5. Your total balance in Dashboard will now display correctly after deleting an access point.

September 26

1. Active Smart Orders are now displayed in the Dashboard.

2. Added footer that contains TradeSanta policies and useful links to the account page.

3. Fixed a bug where some notifications appeared on the main page.

September 18


1. Fixed a bug where list of bots couldn’t be loaded on mobile.

2. UI/UX changes in the account menu and Dashboard.

3. Changes to website infrastructure.

September 16

1. Fixed a critical bug when bots received “Unknown order sent response from Binance”.

2. Now when you create a bot over the plan limit you’ll get a pop-up notification.

3. Fixed pagination bug where the number of bots on Bots page was displayed incorrectly.

4. New menu in the mobile version of the main page.

5. Improvements to website UI/UX.

September 13


1. Fixed bug with Facebook authorisation.

2. The main page is now loading faster.

3. Resolved the issue with receiving incorrect access balance via API.

4. Made changes to the style of the static pages.

5. Improved Alpha bot notification system.

September 6


1. Resolved the issue where bot couldn’t force start a deal.

2. Fixed the bug where default TP value couldn’t be validated.

3. Tooltips are now separated by strategy when creating a new bot.

4. UI/UX improvements including forms and text updates.

August 30


1. Fixed bug with balance charts in Dashboard.

2. Resolved PRICE_Filter bot error.

3. Fixed Alpha bot bug where bots didn't start a new deal after Force Close.

4. Resolved the issue with temporary IP ban on Binance.

5. Empty balance doesn't prevent from creating a bot anymore.

August 28


1. Fixed a bug that prevented from deleting a bot.

August 27

1. Improved the loading speed of the Results page.

2. After password change all devices will be logged out.

3. Removed pairs unavailable for Trading from a Pair dropdown when creating a bot.

4. Menu in wizard is now hidden so that a new user can focus on bot creation.

5. Added average buy price to the Alpha bot.

6. Integrated email templates to Mandrill.

7. Minor updates to increase website performance.

August 23

New release of mobile app includes the following updates:

1. Track profit and balance dynamics in newly added Dashboard charts.

2. Force start the deal immediately disregarding technical indicators of the bot.

August 21

1. Added Force Close functionality to Alpha Bot so that now user can exit a position any time directly from the bot.

2. The Alpha bot now places more precise volume orders.

August 20


1. Fixed an error that prevented from creating a bot in mobile app.

2. Removed internal notifications from Alpha bot.

August 16

1. HitBTC exchange is now integrated to Alpha Bot and Smart Order.

2. Added Unsold volume field to Alpha Bot so that you know the amount of position you're holding.

August 15

1. Redesigned landing page.

2. Added Google and Facebook authorization.

3. Resolved an issue with sitemap.xml generator.

4. Fixed payment goal tracking in Google Analytics.

August 10

The latest release of mobile app includes several major updates:

1. Keep track of trading performance and balance in a newly added Dashboard tab.

2. Redesigned Bot cards let you glance through the most important information and track deal progress right in the Bots tab.

3. Improved Bot page now highlights essential data, such as invested volume and number of orders executed.

4. Current Plan information is displayed in the More tab.

5. Set up a Telegram notifications bot right from the app.

6. Deals were moved inside the Bot page.

August 9

Hotfix includes following updates:

1. Fixed Telegram bot setup for new users.

2. Resolved bug with bot page in admin view.

3. Fixed internal payment notification.

4. Minor changes to REST API.

August 7

1. We changed bot sorting so now you can see turned on bots with an active deal at the top of the list.

2. The volatility of the pair displayed in the bot creation page is now calculated more accurately.

3. For you not to miss when to extend your plan and avoid bots getting turned off, you will now get a reminder 5 days before plan expiration date.

4. Switching to FREE plan is now easier, as it appears in plans drop down list.

5. Refactored trigger emails.

6. Link to referral program is now on the main page.

7. Added new methods and refactored code for bot in Alpha.

8. MongoDB error will no longer block the bot’s functionality.

9. Logged in users will no longer see an error when trying to access an account from the blog

July 25

1. Added market Data to the ladder strategy bot in Alpha (min/max price, change in 24h, coin balance).

2. Fixed a bug where some coins failed to be recalculated in USD and displayed in Access’s balance.

3. Added USD graph in access points and Dashboard.

4. Added Create bot button on top of menu.

5. Added new Google analytics events.

6. Added internal notifications for payments made by TradeSanta users.

7. Made more apparent for users the opportunity to follow the deals in Telegram.

8. Added disclaimer to top up balance button to avoid confusion.

9. Fixed a bug that caused failure to load the list of ladder-strategy robots due to the deleted instrument.

10. Improved logging for ladder strategy bot in Alpha.

11. Fixed a bug displaying the wrong rate for some coins.

12. Refined microdata to improve Google Rich Snippets.

13. Added captcha to the reset password page.

July 17

A couple of new features and improvements were released for iOS and Android apps:

1. Users can now choose between several accesses when creating a bot.

2. Added Renew Take profit button in case bot had problems placing Take Profit error on exchange.

3. Fixed a bug on Android where the filters weren't saved after user edited bot settings.

4. Users can now view detailed balance of each access point.

July 10

1. Added referral program for TradeSanta users. Users now get 20% of each plan payment made by the user invited as a referral reward.

2. Fixed total balance of an access point in USD. The balance over the past days is now displayed according to the BTC-USD rate that day.

3. Total traded volume in bot in aplha testing is now calculated as a sum of buy and sell orders.

July 8

Our latest update:

1. In addition to market data you can now see a chart from TradingView when creating a bot.

2. Now you can launch the bot right from the creation page.

3. Several upgrades for our bot in alpha testing:

  • For your convenience we replaced confusing P&L chart with just a number of current P&L state so you at each moment. You know what will be your profit or loss if you liquidate your position right away.
  • To understand the current position of the bot we have added a candlestick chart with the last buy and take profit orders to the bot page.
  • The list of bots was improved so that now you can see bot settings (pair, exchange, trading parameter) and bot’s P&L. This will allow you to manage your bots directly from the list.

4. Improved site analytics.

5. Added renew take profit and filtering access points by exchange methods to API

June 28

1. Fixed a bug that caused an error in registration in mobile app

2. Completed critical steps to add HitBTC to supported exchanges for bot in Alpha testing

3. Made backend improvements to Smart Order

June 26

​In the latest release paid plans have been introduced:

1. TradeSanta users can now choose one of 3 plans. The plans differ in the number of bots a user can create. All existing users at the moment of release were given a month of Maximum plan with unlimited number of bots. All new TradeSanta users get two weeks of trial of the Basic plan.

2. Users have now a balance on TradeSanta to pay for trading plans. To top up a balance, user have to send funds to a BTC address unique for each user account.

3. Trading plans are managed in Account Settings. User can change the plan, turn on autorenewal or cancel paid plans.

Mobile apps also bring a number of updates:

1. Deal field is now hidden when editing a bot so that the information about the deal won't distract anymore

2. Fixed Feedback button within the iOS app

3. Improved texts that could have been confusing to users

4. Added back button and cancelation alert on Android so the bot editing is now more user-friendly.

June 21

The latest release for Android and iOS apps brings several new features and improvements:

1. Added deal management (Cancel, Freeze and Renew EO button)

2. User can now manage all access points connected to exchange (update and delete API keys)

3. Added Delete bot option

4. Added cancel button for range picker in Deal tab

5. The full deal history is now displayed

6. Improved UX of mutable fields for iOS

7. Now empty tabs in Deal section are hidden in iOS app

8. Net and bot creation refactoring on iOS

June 18

1. Added Market Data (current rate, 24h min and max) for the chosen pair when creating a bot to help make decision on bot settings

2. Added mass turn on and off for the bots​ and filters by strategy and access point

3. Increased Min Volume to avoid errors from exchange caused by market fluctuations

4. Fixed a bug with doubling deals

5. Fixed a bug where users log out from their accounts after closing a browser

6. Improved wizard interface and made it more noticeable for new users

7. Fixed a bug with displaying exchange rate for Bittrex

8. Added seconds to Date-time format in Rudolph bot for better understanding of when the order was placed

June 13

A couple of new features and improvements were released for iOS and Android apps:

1. Added required balance calculator when creating or editing a bot

2. Added deal filter by date

3. Improved On/Off Switch on iOS so that the bot state is clear

4. Improved number and date format

5. Extra Order field for new bots is now removed

6. Improved loader design and speed across the iOS app

7. Improved UX logic when selecting a pair

8. Fixed a bug with switched ticker for Take Profit Order on Android

June 4

1. For your convenience we have added your total balance on top of all pages in account.

2. To make it more transparent you can now see an equivalent amount of currency when setting first order volume as percentage of deposit.

3. To simplify the bot creation page we divided it into 2 sections: key parameters, and advanced settings. Martingale, bollinger, day and volume filters, buy coins for commission, enter at market price and deals limit are now hidden in the Advanced settings section.

4. To make it easier to understand tips are now tied to the corresponding fields.

5. As 95% of our traders use equal volumes for first order and extra orders, from now on they are equal and merged into 1 setting to simplify bot creation for new users.

6. Fixed the bug of how trades volume is calculated on dashboard and in results. It is now calculated based on all deals.

7. In Smart Order you can now see your balance of the selected coin when creating a bot to make it more transparent.

8. The list of Smart Order bots is much more informative providing you with bot settings details and its progress status.

May 30

In order to prepare our new trading strategy for release on all TradeSanta users and move it from Alpha to Beta testing we improved our back end to ensure scalability on the new code base.

April 30

1. Last week was dedicated to our new feature which allows to buy or sell large amounts of crypto without spiking or dropping a price. This feature is called Smart Order, for now it's available only for Binance traders.

2. We continue to work on bug fixes and iOS app which is close to its release.

April 24

1. Only pairs containing currencies that you have on your deposit are now displayed in the bot settings.

2. You can now see the minimal required value of the FO and EO volumes when creating a bot.

3. FO and EO volumes are now set as a fixed value by default to make it less complicated for new traders.

4. Fixed the bug in short bot connected to incorrect display of extra orders in the chart.

5. iOS app is ready for internal testing, we are close to launching it in App Store.

April 15

1. Modifications of the API for TradeSanta app.

2. Upgrades of the Smart Order feature, which allows to buy or sell large amounts of crypto at certain price level (currently in alpha testing).

3. Minor backend bug fixes.

April 12

1. You can now see your balance immediately after creating an access point.

2. Fixed naming of access points to better distinguish several accesses on the same exchange.

3. Minor updates to bot in alpha interface and backend.

April 5

1. Now it is possible to trade with smaller number of extra orders than before.

2. We have removed the 2% limit when choosing first order and extra order volumes as a percentage of deposit.

3. Fixed Error 8 which appeared after clicking on a currency pair in Top pairs and Deals.

4. We have changed error descriptions for you to make it easier to understand what went wrong.

March 28

Launched a new feature in alpha testing which is called Smart Order. It allows to buy or sell large amounts of crypto at certain price level by splitting 1 order into several parts and keeping them on top of the order book.

March 22

1. Fixed a bug with creating an access point through wizard.

2. Removed excessive zeros from the chart in the bot's details.

3. Added Starting and Stopping statuses to the bot in alpha.

March 15

1. Prices and volumes in dashboard, bot details, deals, results and bots activity pages no longer contain excessive zeros.

2. Fixed a bug with BCHABC balance containing too many decimals.

3. Modifications of the API for TradeSanta app.

March 7

1. All executed orders of the deal are now displayed on the price chart in the bot page.

2. Bot in alpha: fixed a bug when the values of price and volume displayed incorrectly.

February 28

1. Bollinger signal is no longer active by default as it was confusing for new users

2. When creating an access point, you don't need to fill in a title and max count of active crypto bots (now it is 100 by default but can be changed in the settings)

Also few improvements of the bot in alpha:

1. Total volume in the bot's statistics is now displayed in the qoute currency

2. We have added first order and extra order fields in the cryptocurrency bot's details

3. It is no longer possible to change bot's settings after start

4. Max order price is now added to the crypto trading bot's settings

February 22

We have added a two-factor authentication and further increased the overall level of website security.

February 15

We made several changes to the new crypto bot in alpha testing:

1. You can now see current rate of the trading pair when creating the bot

2. Bot's settings are now displayed in the quote currency

3. Added detailed parameters to the bot page

4. Take profit orders and extra orders are calculated based on the actual price of first order execution.

February 6

We've launched a blog where you'll be able to read about cryptocurrency market trends, trading basics, TradeSanta news and other interesting stuff.

February 1

We upgraded new crypto trading bot in alpha testing: added calculator for estimating traded volume for the bot, added tips to bot creation fields, improved bot's logic.

January 23

1. We have changed the design of personal account to fit our new website design.

2. We made several upgrades to bot in alpha testing based on our users feedback: upgraded page with cryptocurrency bot's progress, simplified the process of adding new users to this bot.

3. Ran code re-factoring.

January 15

1. We have fully redesigned our website.

2. We have launched a new trading bot strategy in alpha testing.

December 28

1. We decided to extend our free period. Introduction of paid plans will be announced 1 month prior to their launch.

2. If you trade USDC, PAX, TUSD or USDT on Binance, clicking on the pair in the bot’s settings will no longer cause an error.

December 24

1. We decided to stop supporting KuCoin exchange for now, we will revise this decision in several months.

2. Fixed a bug connected with wrong Take Profit volumes on HitBTC.

December 17

1. The calculator in the crypto bot settings now has color indication in the Light mode too.

2. Fixed an issue with trading pairs displayed incorrectly after selecting a different exchange in the bot settings.

3. When you create a bot on Binance with PAX currency, there are no more duplicated trading pairs.

December 13

1. We have removed Poloniex from the list of supported exchanges for now, due to them locking accounts of TradeSanta users.

2. Fixed a bug with "Buy coins for commission" option, so now you can trade with crypto bots on Binance exchange even if you don't have BNB on your account.

3. Fixed an issue with the USDT balance on HitBTC displaying incorrectly.

December 10

1. Before there was an inconvenience with how you entered first order on SHORT bots. Before you had to calculate an equivalent in base currency (i.e. first currency in the pair). Now you need to enter it in altcoins (i.e. base currency).

2. In your crypto bot settings you will now see the amount needed if all orders are to be executed according to your settings.

3. The issue with Bitfinex is fixed, and you can now set up bots to trade on Bitfinex exchange.

December 6

Even if you get Error 8 now, it will not block your access to bot's settings. So if you see that your cryptocurrency bot can't start the deal, you can delete it yourself.

December 4

Hotfix of bug connected with Binance API update.

November 30

We have fixed a problem with trading bots unable to start a deal on Binance.

November 26

1. Now you can always be fully informed of our latest updates with the News section on the Dashboard.

2. Fixed a bug where bots sometimes placed Extra orders in wrong currency.

November 22

1. Insurance orders are now called extra orders as we think it is a more accurate name.

2. When you set your pair or strategy (long/short), there is now a message indicating which currency you should have on your deposit.

3. After turning on the crypto trading bot you will be informed if due to your settings it may take some time for the bot to launch a deal.

4. Fixed a bug where requesting your balance from Binance gave you incorrectly displayed information.

5. If Error 8 occurs, it will no longer block your interaction with the website. We have also fixed part of the reasons that cause this error and we’re fixing the rest.

November 14

1. We have added the templates for long and short strategies to help new traders.

2. For now we removed "Sell the entire coin balance" option in bot settings as it was only confusing to most of the users and was not allowing to calculate bot profits correctly.

3. Improved the design of main page.

November 8

In case you have any questions, our new trading bots tutorials can be found on the Documentation page.

November 5

We have added helpful notifications to guide you through the creation of your cryptocurrency bot.

November 2

1. New design for all of the Account pages.

2. There is now a support chat on our main page.

3. We have also added the Night mode, which can be activated if you press on your profile icon.

4. Fixed a bug with quotations of several pairs from HitBTC.

5. Fixed a bug where the graph of your total balance displayed incorrectly.

October 31

1. Fixed a bug where sorting the cryptocurrency exchanges on the Access points page worked incorrectly.

2. Fixed a problem with displaying balance on HitBTC on the Dashboard.

October 29

There is now a message describing bot’s status on the Bot page.

October 25

TradeSanta cryptocurrency trading bots are now available for HitBTC.

October 22

We have added the wizard to help you easily connect the exchange, set up a crypto bot and start trading.

October 19

We have fully reworked our Dashboard to be more informative and user-friendly.