Trade on Bybit with
TradeSanta bots for FREE!

Ready to trade smarter? Grab one of the 100 free subscriptions from TradeSanta and Bybit today!

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How to get started

  1. 1. Sign up on Bybit using TradeSanta’s broker link to become eligible for this offer.
  2. 2. Connect this new Bybit account to TradeSanta using API keys.
  3. 3. Deposit $100 into your Bybit account and start trading — your TradeSanta subscription will be activated automatically.

Why trade on Bybit?

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Next-level liquidity
99.99% system uptime with a high-frequency trading engine
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Robust security frameworks
100k TPS matching engine and zero server downtime
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Wide range of products
wallet, fiat, P2P, card, spot, derivatives, NFT

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this promo eligible only for new Bybit users?

Yes, this promotion is exclusively for new Bybit users.

How to connect Bybit to TradeSanta

1. Sign up on Bybit with the referral link.
2. Get API keys from Bybit and copy them.
3. Paste these API keys into your TradeSanta account.
4. Create your first bot, and happy trading!