Technical Indicators

TradeSanta technical indicators serve to ensure the crypto trading bot will enter the market at the optimal point. TradeSanta users may choose from Volume filter, Daily filter, and Bollinger signal or use these 3 filters at the same time.

Day filter - The crypto bot will open the deal only if a day is expected to be potentially profitable based on the candle indicator of the previous day. If the previous day candle was bullish, and you set the cryptocurrency bot to trade long, the bot will open the deal. In case of short strategy the crypto bot will open the deal if the previous day candle was bearish.

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Volume filter - New deal will be opened only if the cryptocurrency trading volume of a pair over the past 24 hours is considered sufficient (100 BTC for BTC trading pairs, 100 ETH for ETH trading pairs).

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Bollinger signal - Santa's crypto bot will search for an optimal entry point based on the Bollinger bands of a trading pair for the past 1.5 hours on a 5-minute timeframe.

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