How to protect your funds?

We care about the security of your personal data and do everything to protect your account and your personal information. But there are measures you should take to further protect your TradeSanta account.

Choose Secure Password

We would recommend you to use a complex and unique password that is not shared or similar to those used on any other website. It's also a good idea to change it every 3 months and use a completely new password each time. Also, never disclose your password to anyone. TradeSanta's staff members don’t have access to your password and will also never ask you for it.

Enable 2FA

TradeSanta offers two-factor authentication (2FA) to make your account more secure. Instead of only logging in with your username and password, you will also need to enter a secret code from your 2FA application, to be able to login to the website. Our team strongly recommends you to use two-factor authentication for both, your TradeSanta account and the cryptocurrency exchange you are using to trade.

Check API Permissions

TradeSanta's crypto bots work via API keys that allow them to execute trades on linked exchanges. Nowadays crypto exchanges offer advanced API key settings where you can configure various rights and give the trading bot restricted access to your account only for trading. The most important thing is that you should not enable withdrawal through the API key. You will only need to allow sufficient rights to view the account's status and to place orders. This way the platform cannot access your funds and even the crypto bots cannot withdraw them.