Our plans


How many plans do you have and how do they differ?

TradeSanta offers 3 paid plans: Free plan with 5 bots max, Basic plan with 49 bots max for $15/ month, Maximum plan with unlimited number of bots for $100/ month. The plans differ only in number of bots, all plans include unlimited trading pairs and unlimited access points. Plan for $100 also includes individual support.


How do I pay for the plan? What payment methods are available?

For now we accept payments in BTC only. 

1. Top up the balance.

First, go to Settings section in your account and click Top up the balance button. Specify the amount in $, confirm the sum. After that, you’ll see the amount recalculated in BTC and the address to send the payment to. Please note, it may take some time to process the payment. 

2. Choose and activate the plan.

After the payment is made to the provided BTC wallet, you will see the balance in dollar equivalent on your account (conversion is done according to exchange rate at the time of your payment). Then you just need to choose the plan you would like to use and the according amount will be deducted from your balance.


How long does it take to process the payment?

It may take from half an hour up to a day to process the payment. 


Are you planning to accept other cryptocurrencies, credit card or PayPal?

We’re planning to add other payment methods and currencies in the future. For now we accept BTC only.


What are the free plan restrictions?

Free plan has a limit of 5 bots only. You won't be able to create new ones if you have already more than 5 bots and won't be able to turn on more than 5 bots simultaneously. Free plan doesn’t have any other restrictions, the only difference is the max number of bots. If you already have 5 bots, and want to create another one, you would first need to delete at least one bot to create and launch a new one; 


What will happen after the trial ends if I have more than 5 bots running?

After the trial expires, if you have more than 5 bots running, all the bots you have will turn off and you will be able to turn on only 5 of them. When the bots are turned off they will finish current deal, but will not start a new one. If you want to create a new bot  you will first need to delete the bots so the total number of bots (both turned on and off) after you add new ones is equal or lower than 5.


What bots are considered in the plans’ limits?

All bots in your My bots page are calculated towards the limit (both on and off ones). Deleted bots are not calculated towards the limit. You won’t be able to create more bots than your plan allows. If you downgrade your plan and the number of bots exceeds the new plan’s limit, all bots will be turned off (current deal will finish, and the new one will not start) and you’ll be able to turn on no more than your current plan allows. If you want to create a new bot you will first need to delete the bots so the total number of bots (both turned on and off) after you add new ones is equal or lower than your new plan’s limit.


Which plan is right for me?

All depends on the number of bots you have. You can upgrade your plan at any time as you increase the number of bots you have.