Join the TradeSanta team on OKEx
to win a share of 150,000 USDT!

Elite Team Trading Contest
8/10 - 8/24
Join our trading team and trade with us to grab a share of 150,000USDT + rewards from TradeSanta!

How to join the competition?

Connect your OKEx account to TradeSanta.*
Join TradeSanta team on the OKEx website.
Trade actively to get the rewards!
* (Connect your existing OKEx account or Create a New OKEx account, pass a simple KYC1 procedure and top-up your exchange balance). If your OKEx account is already connected to TradeSanta go to step 3.


If our team gets to the top-10, each member will get a USDT reward from OKEx.
If you get to the top-50 individual traders, you will get a USDT reward from OKEx.
TradeSanta participation bonus: the top-3 members of our team with over 1000 USDT of trading volume in their accounts will get a free year of our Maximum subscription!

To learn more about the rewards, terms and conditions, please visit the official OKEx page. The more you trade on OKEx, the bigger share you can get from the total prize pool.