Table of contents: 

  1. Account Menu
  2. Access Points
  3. Bot Settings
  4. Deal Controls
  5. Exchanges Errors





Get a snapshot of account and cryptocurrency market activity. 
Calculated Profit is the total amount gained by the trading bot in USD. Trade Analysis is the total trade volume and profit for each cryptocurrency calculated in USD.
You may see your open deals in Deals in process section. Deals can be sorted according to activity, bot name, access point, trading pair, take profit orders, and trade volume.  
Your real-time account balance in BTC is available as soon as you set up your account. You can also view details of crypto market dynamics and BTC/USD price fluctuations from the past month.



Manage all your automated trading bots (active and inactive). Columns indicate each cryptocurrency bot’s access point and trading pair. Other details include long (L) and short (S) strategies, take profit (TP), first order volume (FO), step of extra order (SEO), martingale (M 1.05) with coefficient (1.05), Bollinger (B), day (D), and volume filters (V). A green dot in the Deal column indicates crypto bot activity. A black dot indicates the bot is either turned off or waiting for a trade signal. 
‘Change settings’ lets you manage individual bots or multiple bots at the same time. 
Simply check the box next to the bot you want to change. 
‘Create bot’ lets you copy an existing trading bot or create a new one. 



Track your latest account stats along with details of closed deals, including trade volume, total income, commission paid, and profit received in both quote currency and USD. Deals can be listed by order of the date they were closed. 



Get the lowdown on all your deals and list them by latest update (date is shown in the Updated column). Other columns detail access points, long (L) and short (S) strategies, take profit (TP), first order volume (FO), step of extra order (SEO), martingale (M 1.05) with coefficient (1.05), Bollinger (B), day (D), and volume filters (V). You can also find the current price of active deals, or profits gained on completed deals by Santa trading bots, listed beneath the take profit order.  



Get an overview of market activity, including specific updates on trading pairs across all supported cryptocurrency exchanges. The day filter highlights movement with a green dot. A white dot indicates no movement. 



Go to our FAQ section, or ask our Telegram community @tradesanta



Access points allow crypto bots to interact with your selected exchange (Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex or HitBTC). They can then set orders and get the activity updates they need to respond quickly to market fluctuations.



Once you’ve created your account, select the exchange you want to trade on. 

Name your access point to help you identify the different exchanges you’re trading on, and quickly navigate the activity reports you receive from each.   

Link to the exchange then set up an API key. This is available after you’ve logged into an exchange and created a profile. Select the “read balance” and “place order” options. Do not check the “withdrawal” option. 

You’ll also need an API secret key, which can be found in the exchange settings. 

Check the maximum number of cryptocurrency bots you can set up to use this access point. Different exchanges can have different restrictions.



Set the necessary rights for the interaction of trading bots with the account on the exchange.



Never assign the withdrawal option to the API key.



Go to the Account menu at the top right of the screen and click the Enable button in the API section or go  directly to
Enter the API Key label (you may select whichever name that is easy for you to remember) and click the Create new key button → email verification.
When the email verification is complete, API Key and Secret Key will be shown as below.

(!) Do not activate the Enable Withdrawals option!

cryptocurrency trading automated platform



Click the Settings button at the top right of the screen and select API Keys in the Site settings section or go directly to
→ Add new key with Read Info/Trade Limit/Trade Market checked and save it.
(!) We recommend you to save your Secret Key, because Bittrex exchange will mask it after a page update.
automated crypto trading bot



At the bottom menu on the website select API Keys in the Utility section.
Create an API with READ checked for ALL Operations except Withdraw (!) and READ/WRITE for ORDERS Operation.
Go to → Set “Account Type = exchange” and “Fees → Fee type for Exchange orders = Currency exchange fee”.
(!) We recommend you to save your Key, because Bitfinex will mask it after a page update.
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bot for cryptocurrency trading – binance, bitfinex, bittrex, hitbtc



Click the little cog icon you’ll find at the top right of the screen to get into the Settings ;and select the API Keystab or go directly to
Create New API key with Status ON Activate Order book/History/Trading balance and Place/cancel orders checked → email& verification.
hitbtc trading bot


I specify API-key and API-secret to access my account on the exchange. Is it safe?

Cryptocurrency exchanges have foreseen this moment. They offer advanced API key settings in which you can configure various rights. The most important thing - DO NOT enable withdrawal through the API key. To operate the service bot you need to allow it sufficient rights to view the accounts status and to place orders.





The crypto trading bot always has one or several extra orders placed. So once you’ve set your bot and the deal is open, the take profit and extra orders are automatically activated. When the take profit order is executed, all extra orders are removed. If the price drops, all extra orders are automatically replaced and the take profit level is lowered. 



We do not recommend taking any action that could interfere with the bot’s automated strategies, unless you are an experienced crypto trader. 



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NAME YOUR BOT: This helps you to differentiate between your cryptocurrency bots and allows for quick navigation of their activity updates. 

ACCESS POINT: This is essential to connect your trading bot to a selected exchange. 

TRADING PAIR: Choose a pair to trade from those available at the selected exchange. Make sure your bots don’t clash with existing pairs. 

LONG OR SHORT STRATEGY: A long trade buys tokens that are expected to increase in value at a lower price so you can sell them later at a higher price. A short trade sells coins that are expected to fall in value at a higher price with the intent of buying the same amount back, but at an even lower price—this leaves you with the same amount of coins plus the profit made. 
crypto arbitrage bot binance, bittrex, hitbtc, bitfinex
TAKE PROFIT: Set the percentage of profit you want to gain from a single transaction after exchange commission is paid. This percentage must be maintained for the total amount of quote currency spent on the deal. 

FIRST ORDER VOLUME: This can be a percentage of the deposit or a fixed amount. Percentage (from 0.2% to 100%) is calculated from the amount of currency that you’re buying long or selling short. Fixed amount is set in quote currency for long bot and base currency for short bot. 

cryptocurrency bot trader

STEP OF EXTRA ORDER: An extra order gives you the opportunity to make a profit even if the market doesn’t go in the direction of your strategy. The crypto bot will buy low in a long trade and high in a short trade. A step of extra order is a percentage (from 1% to 10%) of the change in first order value. 

MARTINGALE: This is an automatic increase in the volume of each extra order by a factor of 1.05 to 2. It helps to regain value lost during unfavorable market conditions. This is a high-risk option best used by experienced traders. 

DEALS LIMIT: This is a set number of successful transactions that automatically stops the cryptocurrency bot from trading until you activate it again. You can also reset the deals limit and deactivate the bot manually. 

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EXTRA ORDER LIMIT: You can set a maximum number (0 to 100) of extra orders to be placed. This number limits the percentage of quote currency used to buy coins in a long trade, or sell coins in a short trade.  

EXTRA ORDER COUNT: Set the number (0 to 10) of extra orders that can be placed simultaneously after the initial order is executed.  

Find out more about filters and signals. 



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MARKET ENTRY PRICE: Place the first order and start a deal as soon as the first ask is received. If the ask is too low, the crypto trading bot will search for the optimal price available, which means the deal may be delayed.   

BUY COINS FOR COMMISSION: If you don’t have enough quote currency in your balance to fulfill an order, the cryptocurrency bot will buy additional coins to cover the commission (equivalent of 5 USD). If this option is turned off, make sure you have enough coins to cover the commission. 



cryptocurrency arbitrage trading bot free

All filters and signals are based on the analysis of each pair’s trading activity. 

D / DAYTIME FILTER: The Santa automated trading bot analyzes trading activity from the previous day and sets a forecast for the current day. If this forecast does not look profitable, the bot will not open a deal. 

Find daytime filter status in Quotes. 

If the previous day’s closing level is higher than its opening level, the entry signal is positive. A bot with an active daytime filter can therefore open trades all day. This is indicated by a black dot.   

If the previous day’s closing level is lower than its opening level, the entry signal is negative. A crypto bot with an active daytime filter will therefore not initiate trades. This is indicated by a white dot. 

Opening and closing times are set at GMT. 

V / VOLUME FILTER: A new deal will only be opened if a pair has traded sufficient volume during the last 24 hours. This is 100 BTC or 100 ETH, depending on the pair’s quote currency. 

B / BOLLINGER SIGNAL: Trading pair activity is analyzed every five minutes to assess performance over a period of one and a half hours. Once certain conditions are met, and an optimal entry point is identified, the crypto bot enters the market or places a limit order. A limit order can be overcome in a fast market if the bot cancels and replaces it repeatedly until the transaction begins at a better level. 

TRADING WITHOUT FILTERS: If all filters are disabled, a bot will trade continuously. This can be profitable during a period of market growth or when there’s no market movement at all. It can also lead to big losses. To trade successfully without filters, you need to monitor the market constantly. This mode is therefore recommended for experienced traders only.

TRADING WITH MULTIPLE FILTERS: Filters and signals work well together. For example, a bot with two active filters and a Bollinger signal will only enter the market when all conditions are met, making a profitable outcome more likely.  



TURN ON: The trading bot is now active and ready to receive a signal. If no signal is received, and there are no filters in place, the bot will simply complete the current transaction then immediately open a new one.   

TURN OFF: The bot will not open any new deals, but will proceed with any outstanding active transactions. Find out more about transaction management.  

FORCE START: You can use a bot in manual mode if it has no filters. Click this button to manually open a new deal disregarding filters set.



trade santa bot – automated crypto trading bot

Track a specific deal in real time on the relevant bot’s page, or visit Deals to get a full report on all current and past transactions. 

FREEZE: This stops your crypto trading bot from placing a new order, but will not cancel orders in progress. 

UNFREEZE: This triggers the bot to resume trading. 

RENEW TAKE PROFIT: Places Take Profit order once again if there was any trouble with placing the previous order;

RESET EXTRA ORDERS: Place extra orders if you have none outstanding or if you didn’t have sufficient funds to place them beforehand. 

CANCEL THE DEAL: The cryptocurrency bot cancels all open orders for the trading pair and closes the deal immediately. 



We recommend you to set the first order volume as an equivalent of at least $11, as this is a minimum on most of the exchanges.


Order does not meet Binance minimum volume requirement ($11 equiv. is a safe choice)

Your order size is less than the minimum trade set by Binance. It is necessary to increase the amount of the start or extra order. $11 is usually enough. Fixed value option will help you to set the first order amount more accurate.

You do not have enough coins to place an order.
- If the error occurs at the start it means that you don’t have enough coins to create a buy order.

- If the error occurs at the Take profit stage it means that the bot can’t put up for sale the amount of coins that were originally bought. This could happen if the commission was paid with the part of the coins. In future transactions, allow the bot to buy coins for commission or pay the commission directly on Binance in BNB. To fix this you need to buy the minimum amount of traded coins, unfreeze the bot and reset Take Profit.

API keys or API's permissions on exchange were set wrong.

Check if your API keys are correct. If this error repeats and the bot doesn’t work, please, create a new API key and do not use it anywhere except for TradeSanta.



Order does not meet Bittrex minimum volume requirement.

Your first order does not exceed the minimum set by Bittrex. It is necessary to increase the amount of the start or extra order. Fixed value option will help you to set the first order amount more accurate.

Bot was unable to place extra order due to lack of funds on your balance.

You don't have enough coin on your balance to place an order. Please, increase your balance and try again.



Invalid order: minimum size for BCH/BTC is 0.02

The answer means that the minimum order amount on the Bitfinex exchange has not been reached. The minimal volume of order for the purchased currency is indicated in the error message. It is necessary to increase the amount of the start or extra order.

Nonce is too small

If this error repeats too often and the trading bot for Bittrex can’t work, you must create a new API key and not use it anywhere except for TradeSanta.



You do not have enough coins to place an order.

Your first order does not exceed the minimum set by Hitbtc. It is necessary to increase the amount of the start or extra order. $11 is usually enough.

Bot was unable to place extra order due to lack of funds on your balance.

This error means that you don't have enough funds on your deposit to place an order on the exchange. Increase the deposit and try again.

Connection error, restart the bot after a few minutes.

This connection error could appear if you are trading on HITBTC. There is no need to worry, just restart the bot after a few minutes

Coin balance is lower than required for bot to place take profit order. Buy coins on exchange and click Reset Take profit.

Coin balance is lower than required for bot to execute take profit order. Buy coins on exchange and click Reset Take profit. Enable 'Buy coins for commission option' to avoid that in the future


Maximum number of active bots is limited at this access point.

Number of bots on current access point is capped. Please increase max amount in settings.


Exchange connection error. Please, contact support if the error keeps on repeating.