Current rate
0.00050168 (ETH)
Volatility in 24h
Trading volume
22 432.87041 ETH

Information about trading pair PAY / ETH

With PAY-ETH you can buy PAY with ETH, or sell PAY for ETH. The current rate of the PAY-ETH on the Bittrex exchange is 0.00050168 ETH. This cryptocurrency pair showed an increase in the price of -3.51% for the last 24 hours. Since yesterday the volatility of PAY-ETH is 9.04%. The pair is traded on Bittrex with a 24-hours volume of 22 432.87041 ETH.

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Crypto fear and greed index

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index
Crypto fear and greed index is a number from 0 to 100 that helps traders indicate when cryptocurrency investors are too fearful or too greedy. When they are fearful, it’s an excellent opportunity to buy from them. And vice versa, when they are too greedy, you might want to sell because the market is due for a correction. Read more about the crypto fear and greed index in our blog article.

Popular questions about PAY to ETH trading

How to automate PAY to ETH trading?

  1. Register on an Bittrex exchange that lists the PAY/ETH trading pair.
  2. Deposit PAY into your account.
  3. Sign up in TradeSanta & integrate our exchange account.
  4. Choose strategy: Grid, DCA, Mirror or other algo tarding.
  5. Sell PAY.
  6. Withdraw ETH.
  7. Calculate Your profit.

What is the price of PAY to ETH right now?

Today 1 PAY exchange price is 0.00050168 ETH. Start automated trading right now with TradeSanta bot!

What was PAY lowest price in ETH?

The lowest PAY price – 0.00047828 ETH was on 2024-07-17.

What was the highest PAY to ETH exchange rate?

The highest PAY price – 0.00052151 ETH was on 2024-07-17.