There are several technical indicators (filters and signals) that you can activate, so that your cryptocurrency bot can enter the market in the optimal point: Day filter, Volume filter and Bollinger signal. You can use all of them simultaneously, choose 1 or 2 up to your preferences or disable indicators completely. Please note, that disabling all 3 crypto indicators can be profitable as there will be no interval between deals, but can also lead to turning a trade into investing or big losses, thus recommended for experienced traders only.

Day filter

When using this filter, the crypto bot will analyze whether the current day would be profitable for the given trading pair and strategy. This analysis is based on the candle of the previous day: if it was bullish and the trading bot is set for long strategy, it will launch a deal. Therefore, if the previous day was bearish, the bot with short strategy will start the deal. You can always see the current situation across all the  cryptocurrency exchanges and trading pairs in the “Exchange rates” section. The green circle near each trading pair indicates that the previous day was bullish and the white circle – bearish.

Volume filter

This one is the simplest. If during the last 24 hours a pair has traded a sufficient volume (100 coins of its base currency, for example 100 BTC for BTC-ETH) the crypto trading bot will start a deal.

Bollinger signal

If activated, the bot will search for an optimal entry point based on the Bollinger bands. Bollinger bands is a technical indicator which illustrates volatility of cryptocurrency over time. The main principle is that when candle touches one of the bands, it is considered as a trading signal. For long strategy it means that the crypto bot will launch a deal when price touches the lower band, while bots with short strategy will wait for the price to touch the upper band to enter the market.