Have you noticed how many of us have started learning about major crypto events, news, and projects through influencers? These social media personalities, including bloggers, YouTubers, streamers, and vloggers, have made a big impact in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin space. That is why we are dedicating this new article to them!

Read on to discover who crypto influencers are and how to choose one you can trust.

What Is a Cryptocurrency Influencer? 

So, let’s look at what an influencer is first. In a general sense, it is an opinion leader with a loyal audience. Most often, an influencer is also a blogger who interacts with his audience through social media platforms like X, YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. But there may be exceptions. What is important to note is that not all bloggers can be called influencers. 

As the crypto industry is growing by leaps and bounds, this niche has also attracted its own set of opinion leaders. Cryptocurrency influencers can be found engaged in either paid sponsorships with brands or promoting their own products, like Michael Saylor with his company MicroStrategy.

According to a CFA Institute study, members of Generation Z are more likely to rely on influencers for financial advice. Researchers attribute this to Gen Z’s general distrust of traditional financial institutions. They perceive bank employees as primarily motivated by profit, whereas financial influencers (or “finfluencers”) appear more relatable and transparent. Additionally, Gen Z may find finfluencers who share their background or beliefs, fostering a greater sense of trust. In May 2023, Zoomers sourced 48% of their investment and finance information from social media.

influencers2024 - Top 10 crypto influencers you should watch in 2024: TradeSanta
Source: CFA institute

Types of Crypto Influencers

According to research by Influence Marketing Hub, influencers are categorized as follows:

Mega-influencers:  these influencers have over 1 million subscribers and make up only 5% of the total influencer population. They are most often celebrities, such as actors, directors, athletes, musicians, or reality TV stars. In the crypto world, examples include Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the former founder and CEO of Binance (with 9 million followers on X), and PlanB, the creator of the stock-to-flow model (with 1.9 million followers on X). 

Macro-influencers: between 40 thousand and 1 million subscribers. They are niche experts, making them a more accessible pool for brands seeking partnerships. Examples include Lark Davis, aka TheCryptoLark, with a 542K subscriber YouTube channel, and his YouTube colleague CryptoJack (237K subscribers).

Micro-influencers: from 1 thousand to 40 thousand subscribers. This category comprises roughly 15% of all influencers. Micro-influencers in the crypto space are typically smaller channels and are not backed by large corporations. They can be enthusiasts, on-chain analysts, technical analysis enthusiasts, or NFT collectors.

Nano-influencers: less than 1,000 subscribers. They represent the largest portion, making up over 50% of all influencers. These micro-communities foster a strong sense of trust and engagement, making recommendations from nano-influencers feel more like friendly advice from a peer.

How to choose a crypto influencer to follow

Influencers can sway opinions, impact investment decisions, and even create trends in the value of digital assets. However, it is important to remember that you should not solely rely on their advice for your trading strategy. While it is understandable to seek guidance and feel a sense of comfort from following a key opinion leader aka KOL, blind trust is not wise. As the saying goes, do your own research! So before you hit the follow or subscribe button, consider these 5 steps below. 

  1. Evaluate the influencer’s credibility
  • Research their background — do they have practical experience in the field they are talking about – and online presence? Look for any red flags like past scandals or questionable activity.
  • Review publicly available information about them. Verify their credentials and ensure their profile appears genuine.
  1. Verifying credibility
  • Investigate their endorsements. See what products or projects the influencer promotes. Have they been involved in any scams or questionable ventures?
  • Are there any accusations of rug pulls or other deceptive practices associated with the influencer?
  1. Expertise check
  • Verify their knowledge. If the influencer positions themself as an educational resource, compare the information they provide with trusted sources or try to verify it yourself.
  1. Compatibility test
  • Consider your preferences. It’s okay if you sometimes disagree with the influencer. For example, their sense of humor in social media posts might not align with yours, or they might have different perspectives on certain topics. If that’s the case, keep searching until you find an influencer whose content resonates.

Top 10 crypto influencers 

  1. Michael Saylor, @saylor on X (Twitter)

Number of followers: 3.4M followers

Topics covered: сrypto market updates

Influence level: mega-influencer

Michael Saylor is an entrepreneur, founder, and former CEO (until 2022) of MicroStrategy, an American technology company that develops business intelligence platforms. He is the largest corporate holder of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

saylor influencer - Top 10 crypto influencers you should watch in 2024: TradeSanta
Source: X

  1. Vitalik Buterin, @VitalikButerin on X

Number of followers: 5.3M followers 

Topics covered: blockchain, crypto, maths, crypto market updates

Influence level: mega-influencer

Vitalik Buterin co-founded Ethereum and is its chief developer. A prominent figure in crypto since 2011, he’s become one of the youngest crypto billionaires. His net worth was estimated to be at least $552.86 million as of January 2024.

  1. Michaël van de Poppe, @CryptoMichNL on X

Number of followers: 716.8K followers

Topics covered: market updates on Bitcoin, altcoins, technical analysis 

Influence level: macro-influencer

Michael Saylor is a full-time crypto day/swing trader. He is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and founder of MN Trading Consultancy, MN Capital, and CM Academy. He is known on X for his publications analyzing the current cryptocurrency market.

  1. Willy Woo, @woonomic on X

Number of followers: 1.1M followers

Topics covered: technical analysis, charts 

Influence level: mega-influencer

Based in Hong Kong, Willy Woo is a cryptocurrency on-chain analyst and co-founder of CMCC Crest. He shares charts and Bitcoin analysis and provides a paid newsletter that helps investors better understand crypto markets.

  1. Ki Young Ju, @ki_young_ju on X

Number of followers: 345.3K followers

Topics covered: technical analysis for Bitcoin

Influence level: macro-influencer

CryptoQuant’s CEO is a relative newcomer to the cryptocurrency space. Ki Young Ju provides valuable analysis using CryptoQuant’s technical tools, indicators, and data specifically designed for professional analysts and traders of Bitcoin, Ether, and stablecoins.

  1. Ali, @ali_charts on X

Number of followers: 61.8K followers

Topics covered: crypto market updates

Influence level: macro-influencer

Active on X, Ali provides technical and on-chain analysis for both crypto and stock markets.

  1. Titan of Crypto, @Washigorira on X

Number of followers: 75K followers

Topics covered: technical analysis, crypto predictions

Influence level: macro-influencer

Bitcoin trader and investor. Shares technical analysis on cryptocurrencies since 2017. Their work has been cited by many crypto sources like Cointelegraph and Coinpedia.

  1. Rekt Capital, @rektcapital on X

Number of followers: 463.4K followers

Topics covered: technical analysis, educational crypto content 

Influence level: macro-influencer

Rekt Capital, a pseudonymous crypto analyst, provides educational content, and technical and macro analysis. He shares insights on Twitter, YouTube, and via a newsletter. Among his followers is Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

  1. Coin Bureau, Coin Bureau on YouTube

Number of followers: 2.4M followers

Topics covered: educational crypto content, Bitcoin news and updates

Influence level: mega-influencer

Coin Bureau, a popular YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, has evolved from a blog to a video content leader. Its recognizable host, Guy Turner, has made the brand widely recognized by crypto enthusiasts.

  1. Root 🥕, @therationalroot on X

Number of followers: 176.8K followers)

Topics covered: technical analysis, crypto news

The channel, run by a longtime Bitcoiner and data analyst under the pseudonym Root, focuses on Bitcoin on-chain and cycle analysis. Well-known analytics platforms like Santiment also follow it.

Crypto influencer ranking

InfluencerTwitter HandleFollowersTopics CoveredInfluence LevelPlatform
Vitalik Buterin@VitalikButerin5.3MBlockchain, Crypto, Math, Market UpdatesMega-influencerTwitter
Michael Saylor@saylor3.4MCrypto Market UpdatesMega-influencerTwitter
Willy Woo@woonomic1.1MTechnical Analysis, ChartsMega-influencerTwitter
Coin BureauCoin Bureau2.4MEducational Content, Bitcoin NewsMega-influencerYouTube
Michaël van de Poppe@CryptoMichNL717KMarket Updates (Bitcoin, Altcoins), Technical AnalysisMacro-influencerTwitter
Ki Young Ju@ki_young_ju345KTechnical Analysis (Bitcoin)Macro-influencerTwitter
Rekt Capital@rektcapital463KTechnical Analysis, Educational ContentMacro-influencerTwitter
Ali@ali_charts62KTechnical Analysis, On-Chain Analysis (Crypto & Stocks)Macro-influencerTwitter
Titan of Crypto@Washigorira75KTechnical Analysis, Crypto PredictionsMacro-influencerTwitter
Root@therationalroot177KTechnical Analysis, Crypto NewsMacro-influencerTwitter

Final thoughts 

As the crypto market inevitably grows, so too will the influence of social media and crypto influencers on public opinion. Whereas, blindly following these authorities is reckless. To make informed decisions, combine bloggers’ insights with your own research. Remember, the responsibility for your investments ultimately lies with you.

Who is the best crypto influencer in 2024?

While preferences vary, Michael Saylor, the largest corporate holder of Bitcoin in 2024, merits a strong consideration on any shortlist.

How do I find the right crypto influencer?

Before following an influencer, assess their credibility, verify the page’s authenticity, and check their expertise. Remember, even with a good fit, blind trust isn’t wise. Do your own research!