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Exploring TradeSanta

TradeSanta’s Technical Indicators

Predicting where the price of an asset will move seems like a logical first step before creating a bot. This is where fundamental analysis comes in handy, including studying political and economic news. However, experienced traders can also benefit from technical analysis. The latter is…

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Beginner’s Guide To Cryptocurrency Investing

Not so long ago, cryptocurrency investing had zero trust from CeFi representatives and organisations and was bombarded by a constantly negative agenda in mass media. But today, after the major success of certain coins and tokens that managed to generate massive profits, investing in cryptocurrency…

Crypto Trading For Beginners

Crypto Futures trading for Beginners

What Are Crypto Futures Contracts and How Do They Work? Understanding Crypto derivatives: Perpetual, Standard, and physical delivery Perpetual Futures Contract Physical Delivery Inverse Contracts USD-margined Futures Products COIN-margined Futures products Where to Invest in Crypto Futures Top 3 Exchanges for trading crypto derivatives Non-exchanges…