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Exploring TradeSanta

New to TradeSanta? Explore our cloud software platform for automated trading with detailed reviews of strategies, settings, trading bots, tutorials and technical indicators. Get an idea of all the tools to launch your first crypto bot on TradeSanta.

Exploring TradeSanta

TradeSanta’s Technical Indicators

There are several technical indicators (filters and signals) that you can activate, so that your cryptocurrency bot can enter the market in the optimal point: Day filter, Volume filter and Bollinger signal. You can use all of them simultaneously, choose 1 or 2 up to your…

Exploring TradeSanta

TradeSanta Strategies for Crypto Trading

Starting to trade crypto with a bot sometimes may be a little bit tricky. Choosing a strategy, setting up orders, activating (or not) different technical indicators and trading tools – all these steps can confuse less experienced traders. But before digging into details it is…