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TradeSanta Blog

Here you can find opinions of experienced traders and answers to all questions about crypto trading, trading signals, market analysis and forecasts.

Crypto Trading 101

What are CFDs?

There are different strategies to consider if you want to invest your money intelligently. Options like buying stocks or commercial rental properties open avenues for long-term financial gain given time and patience.

Crypto Trading 101

What is a crypto screener?

When stress is eating away at you because you’re not really sure if this trade is a right move or wrong, go to a crypto screener page. In a single line, the tool accumulates all the information about the crypto asset.

Crypto Trading 101

What is the MFI indicator?

In the family of oscillators, such as RSI, ROC or stochastic oscillator, MFI (Money Flow Index) is a low-profile, yet important, technical analysis tool used to generate overbought or oversold signals. 

Crypto Trading 101

Signal trading

Do you dream of a world where you can make money on crypto without putting too much effort? While there is no robot yet that brings you revenues, several attempts to automate your thinking are already present in the market.